There has been a controversy regarding oslob whale shark watching, snorkeling and swimming in Cebu South Oslob. But many are lured to this once in a lifetime experience. The Oslob whale sharks are giants but gentle as they are they do not poise any harm to a person near them. These gentle giants of oslob can be found also in Donsol, Sorsogon since this is their migratory route, but the most popular ones are the whale shark that swim with the tourists in Oslob, South of Cebu.

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These oslob whale shark in Oslob have already been living and inhabiting permanently or so it seems here in the waters just about 100 meters from the shore. They are somehow domesticated or has befriended the folks living here in Oslob. Part of the reason why they seem to like the place since the fishermen here in Oslob are feeding them and thus had seemed to stimulate their feeding urges everytime they see the bancas. They are used to go near a banca and seemed to be asking for food. This has created some controvery with researchers and nature enthusiasts group as they have disrupted the wild instinct of this whale shark to hunt for their natural food in the seas where there are a plenty. But looking it in another perspective the activity has given an economic boost for villagers living in area. It has elevated the lives of many as the tourism in Oslob had grown much over the years. The once very quite place is now a picture of festivities as tourists both local and foreigner come to watch this great oslob whale shark. Taking pictures while swimming with the oslob whale shark is now a bucket list for many adventurers and tour lovers around the world. Nobody really know when this magnificent creatures of the seas will suddenly dissappear and go elsewhere to find their favorite food.

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The activity of oslob whale shark watching is limited by their officials to take place only from early dawn up to 12:00 noon only. Others come here as early as 5:00AM and watch the whales sharks jus as the sun rises and bring light for you to view this beautiful creatures.
When you go for the activity be sure to make it early, so our Oslob whale packages usually picks you up from the City around 4:00AM – 5:00AM where you can reach Oslob Whale site around 6:00AM – 7:00AM. Our driver guide will then take care of your needs to be able to join the activity.

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Our whale shark shark package that includes Oslob whale snorkeling and swimming, then Tumalog Falls adventure and last will be a visit to Simala Shrine costs the cheapest. See our price table below :

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Up close in personal with this great creatures is a different feeling. First, you may become tense or nervous not because they can harm you but the sheer size of them growing around 20-30 feet big. Their presence can really bring excitement and amazement to anyone even for the most experienced divers. Their wide mouth makes you imagine the worst yet as you swim with them you will find out how gentle this great whale sharks are. The whale sharks in Oslob are tamed and seem to ignore your presence. But you have to follow some important detalis like don’t be too loud, don’t touch jump onto the sharks so as not to stress the animals and never feed the animals, only the boatmen does. The fate of these magnificent creatures being there within reach of us relies on how you treat or how you interact with them. Remember they are still wild creatures and their ways must be preserved as much as possible.

Things that you should bring when you swim with the whale sharks in Oslob.
1. Swimming Attire and Gears ( snorkel )
2. Life Vest ( for non-swimmers )
3. RashGuard to protect you from the sun (NO SUNBLOCK IS ALLOWED)
4. Extra shirts/shorts

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The controversy of whether or not this activity is harming these great once in a liftime creatures is up on the airs for you to understand. Before you can join the activity you will be briefed by their officials of the very important DO’s and DONT’s and most of the DONT’s is meant to protect these beautiful whalesharks. You as part of this beautiful world, you must keep in mind that we have to protect this animals. We can only see them here in Oslob and we hope that they will be protected and will remain seen here in Oslob. Not only they are protected and that they will be healthy in this kind of habitat that we have provided or invaded them. We want our children also to experience swimming with this giants of the sea. We have to enjoy this experience and we have to preserve this experience for the generations to come.

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We had such a great time. The tour was well planned and arranged. The staff were very accommodating especially our driver guide. We would like to thank Whale Shark Oslob Tours for such a once in a lifetime great experience.