Oslob, Philippines (Whale Shark Oslob) – It is still around 5:30AM in the beach of Tan-awan Village just 10 km to the south from Oslob proper. Tourists already gathered around, mix foreigner tourists and local tourists alike. All are excited to see the behemoth ( largest fish in the world ) of a Whale Shark or locally known as “butanding”. The talk was that it can reach the size of more than 45 feet and could weight up to 20 tons or more and everybody is eager to swim with these giants.

oslob whale shark

Whale Shark Activity

Before one can participate in the activity all tourists must undergo a briefing for about 5 – 10 minutes by the local government tourism staff. You will be given the Do’s and Don’ts, while the don’ts could get you a big penalty or much worst emprisonment, this is to ensure the safety of the tourists and the safety of the whales. Whale sharks are gentle creatures and can be stressed with too much human interventions and loud disturbances. Effects of these one cannot tell but in as much we can we must preserve the environment which these whale sharks have now adapted as their own feeding habitat.

whale shark

Group in a banca ready for whale shark watching

After briefing, every tourists now will be grouped and assigned a banca or a small boat which carry a load of as much as 10 persons. The banca is just enough and a little bit crowded for 10 persons so each are instructed to just sit still until we reach the area where the whale sharks are.

The area where the whale sharks waits for feeding is just about 10 minutes away from the shore. Upon reaching the area you ready and prepare your gears for you to dive in and see the amazing whale sharks.

Whale Shark First Encounter

At my first dive, I just waited in the clear waters near the banca, until i spotted a dark shadows moving towards me, it was huge and i got a little panic thinking that it was directly approaching me but it just swam by my side and it opened its wide mouth near the side of the banca as if asking for some food. And there it was before me the great whale shark of Oslob Philippines. As it closes and opens its mouth it made some bubbles and they just continued doing it while the boat man prepares some food for the animals. I notice that its tail is huge enough to be a man size and i was wondering these animals could be bad, just one swipe of its enormous tail could send me up in oblivion. I dived a little deeper to see its full length under the sea and yes, they were right it is about 40 ft. as i measured it. It has shiny and seems thin skin but we were not allowed to touch or go so near from the whale sharks. I even spotted other fishes swimming at the side of the shark’s body like parasites and feeding off the food wasted and on the debris on its gigantic belly. Despite all of us ( tourists ) diving within their environment the whale sharks seems unfazed and just ignored us, they are seem more interested with the food the boat men are feeding them. For me they have become dependent with given food and this is unnatural for a wild whale shark like they have become domesticated.

whale shark


We were informed that feeding sessions and encounters with the whale shark is only done from 6:00AM in the morning until 12:00noon. One must be at a distance of 4 feet away from the animal else a fine of $60 dollars and petting/touching is a big NOT ALLOWED else you will be jailed for doing so. Tourists who chose to dive in the waters must not use any sunscreen lotions so us not to pollute the waters. And the activity is limited to only 30 minutes for each boat/group. The meeting with these animals or close encounter is a very great experience for me as a tourist. It is surely a once in a lifetime activity which you might not be able to do in the future because it is said that these whale sharks by nature are migratory and may soon relocate to a more peaceful and abundant of food part of the ocean. I have mixed thoughts with the whale sharks being domesticated but I can’t say anything bad about it for the moment, but I do see that the activity had boost the economy of the once sleeping town named Tan-awan in Oslob, Philippines.

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Whale shark watching

We had such a great time. The tour was well planned and arranged. The staff were very accommodating especially our driver guide. We would like to thank Whale Shark Oslob Tours for such a once in a lifetime great experience.